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We are storytellers. Goldtooth is a rare hybrid of a creative agency and full-service production studio. Each member of the Goldtooth team is a master of their craft, working with some of the hottest franchises in the video game industry and feature film VFX from concept to completion. As the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades, Goldtooth attacks its projects with creativity and precision, always delivering on quality.

About the Position

The Associate Creative Director is responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a project, or component(s) of a project, under the overall control of the Producer.

Together with the Creative Director, the Associate Creative Director develops a vision for the project and will also develop a plan for the project with the Producers and Executive Producer. Once this vision is developed it is then the Associate Creative Director’s job to carry out the vision and give directions to maintain it and execute the plan.

The Associate Creative Director is responsible for turning the script into a sequence of shots and for creating all necessary project breakdowns helping production description and planning. They also direct what tone it should have and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience.

The Associate Creative Director also plays a key role in post-production. He or she works with the editor to ensure the overall story-telling quality. The Associate Creative Director also advises on the color grading of the final images, adding warmth or frigidity to the composition of the shots to reflect the emotional subtext of the character or environment. The Associate Creative Director also participates and directs the sound mix and musical composition of the project.


  • Interpreting the script
  • Developing storyboards and pre-viz materials
  • Directing actors and voice actors (including motion-capture)
  • Managing technical details, such as camera shots and the use of lighting
  • Making decisions about location and design
  • Liaising with the Producer at every stage. Supervising the work of the other production staff and delegating tasks accordingly to realize the final production, ideally letting people be self-directed with clear direction.
  • Ensures Creative Director has seen all material before it goes to the Client
  • Provides creative ideas and solutions
  • Ensures that the Production’s overall creative vision is followed through and understood by the production team utilising good communication skills
  • Supervises and direct artists at all stages of the creative process; Mandatory adherence to a Daily-Job List, Weekly Schedule and Overall Production
  • Ensures preparation, presentation and approval of all design artwork deliverables are ready for 
required meetings
  • Ensures delivery of final project
  • Understands the budget limitations of projects and use resources with care and efficiency
  • Works with the Executive Producer, Business Development Manager and Producer to represent creative on Client calls (liases with Creative Director prior to these calls to ensure they are on board)
  • Interprets client notes and translates to execution of production- always runs final interpretation through the Creative Director before execution and communication to the Client


  • At least 3-5+ years of similar experience in the VFX industry with demonstrated success
  • Demonstrate an understanding of storytelling, craftsmanship and continuity visually
  • Demonstrate qualities with locking a vision and then having production staff working towards clear goals
  • Effective communication with producers, art staff and senior management
  • Ability to balance deadlines and resources with style and quality
  • Ability to maintain pacing in situations of intense schedules
  • Strong time management skills and able to juggle multiple tasks
  • Ability to work cooperatively on a team spanning from owners, producers, mangers and artists
  • Ability to compromise when necessary to achieve overall best results
  • Ability to communicate effectively with executive level staff on a broad range of topics: technical, business and creative

How to Apply
Please submit your resume to